We started Kiwi Caravan Experience to help more people enjoy the beautiful outdoors and do it in style and comfort.  We wanted to make it easy for busy people to take time out, escape the busyness of the day to day world, and come and relax in a little piece of paradise.

Why?  We live in such a fast paced world now that it’s not always easy to take time out and get away.   Everyone seems to be working harder and time slips by quickly.   And we also know how great it feels when you’ve managed to have a break, can unwind, rest and relax.  A short escape from everyday life can be the space to slow down, clear your mind and truly relax!

So we thought a great way to do that is to bring the two together.  Kiwi Caravan Experience is adult only accommodation for busy couples, professionals and business owners, for retirees, tired parents wanting some time out (totally needed sometimes), those who want a quiet space to work, creatives who want to write, photographers, walkers who enjoy the outdoors, bird watchers, and those who want to get away on their own for some self- care time.

We know that a lot of people also don’t want the hassle of camping and all the work that goes with it, and don’t want to have to hire a caravan, tow it, set it up and the time involved for a weekend or few days away.

So we’ve created the experience where we do it all!  We have it all set up, your own premium stylish caravan is ready and waiting for you.   All you have to do is bring some food, pack your clothes, and then arrive and relax.  It’s all taken care of, and ready for you to enjoy!

We also realised that some of the best places to stay are unspoilt, quiet and close to nature.  We live local and wanted to share the beauty of our regional parks with more Kiwi’s. 

So come and stay, book your special getaway and enjoy your time in the beautiful outdoors….

Barry and Fiona Clark

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